"Premiumfakes.com" is the #1 producer of fake ids for the USA. We are "- Spd Abcs Grids Of The org The Real King Of Fakes" Company.
The Top-Ranked Seller

We are a worldwide distributor of custom, PVC-card, Teslin, Polycarbonate printed fake identification cards for the US. Our reputation as an industry leader, being the first ID card producer to offer HDP/Film-printed fake ids, as well as dye-sublimation, micro-printing, inverted letters, laser-perforation, cardstock embedding, raised printing — places us resoundingly and unequivocally above any competitor.

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“Premiumfakes.com” offers the private consumer as well as entertainment production companies, high quality novelty fake IDs — second to none other. Our ability to generate custom license numbers, random addresses, expiry dates, and other fake credentials make us unique in this industry. In our “Samples” section you will find a detailed variety of composite samples offered by us.

Comprehensive Features

Our cards exceed bend-proofing and UV-spectrum analysis test standards. User data is digitally programmed onto your card’s magnetic strip. This data is retrievable and fully-readable in card scanners that you will find anywhere. Our professionally trained staff uses each fake id to go through the blacklight, bend and drop and countless scan tests to ensure it remains flawless.


We have hired the most qualified staff to reproduce these features in the exact manner as the DMV does. We have different technicians for each state licenses that require specialized replication of elements which are altered with utmost precision. We make equal efforts into perfecting your ID card on the front as well as on the backside.

- Spd Abcs Grids Of The org What is a Fake ID?

A novelty or fraudulent identification is a form of document that is deliberately altered to provide government-based bogus information about a person's age, address or any other specification. These forged licenses are used for different purposes but from our perspective, we will mainly focus on one aspect.

- Spd Abcs Grids Of The org Booze

The majority of Young Americans believe that the legal drinking age in the US should be lowered. On the contrary, the majority of the lawmakers believe otherwise. Most of them have asked for laws and penalties stricter than they are now. This prompts the young generation to buy fake ids from different domestic and online sources.

How and Where to get?

Buying a fraudulent license is not a normal process like purchasing any other product. Most of the internet-based ID makers can't be trusted with your money. Most will run away with your money and some will send you a novelty ID that will get you arrested or embarrassed. Our process guides you through a few easy steps.

  • Choose a fake id maker (Based on quality or pricing) and, proceed.
  • - Spd Abcs Grids Of The org Read reviews about them to see whether they are a scam or legit.
  • See proof of Photos or Videos that shows their fake id samples.
  • Pay with an anonymous payment method and place your order.
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    Our ultramodern technology recreates each security appearance embedded in a real license to our fake id templates. The staff makes it certain to parse your data on these and, print an unbelievable fake id card.
    The Steps to Create Fake State IDs and Driver Licenses

    We use PDF417 and applications like ScannR to ensure that your ID passes the scanning test of its 2D and 1D barcodes. Each ID is affixed with an in-line hologram including MLI (Metallic Layering Insignia) credentials. The new version of Tactile printing in states like Texas and New York requires specialized printing techniques.

    Depending on the card design you choose, the 3 data tracks contrained on the Hi/Co magnetic stripe will contain retrievable (scannable) data such as a customer's Name, Age, License #, Date of Issue, Date of Expiry, and other customer-defined fields (as specified on your order form).

    - Spd Abcs Grids Of The org - Spd Abcs Grids Of The org
    Our laminates are purchased from a dedicated source. Their supplied hologram overlays perfectly aligns with the card stock and never does the ink printed on it fades like the other cheaply available fake ids sold online. Each state's UV features are identical to it's "REAL" counterpart.


      Our fake ids are known to be passable just about anywhere. Be it a gas station or a strip club your fake id will remain flawless.


      We use USPS and DHL for shipping. Your packages are disguised properly and will go through the US Customs.


      We are the only fake id maker whose authentic products are known to scan on every scanning app.

    • - Spd Abcs Grids Of The org MODERN EQUIPMENT

      We use a commercial-grade Thermal Glass Substrate Transfer and Dye Sublimation printing process -- printing directly onto the card, and encoding the card with your details all in one in-line pass.

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    - Spd Abcs Grids Of The org FAST SHIPPING SERVICE

    The Premium Provider Of Fakes” is not just a marketing slogan, it is the motto of our staff and our promise to our customers.
    We tolerate no room for incompetent staff –  nevermind the shipping speed that is bestowed upon our packages which exceed the delivery services offered by the best of the fake id websites in the market. We operate from an offshore located country where we have access to every element and professional labor required to make a great fake id.

    According to “Rob,” A Bouncer at Metro Club in Missouri, The fake id of one of our customer had him fooled like never before which means; even the experts cannot distinguish our products from a real driving license. So, there is only one place where you can get it from and that’s here.


    Choose a state and select options to buy your preferred license. You will get a free duplicate with each order.




    Check our news section for future states and discount offers.
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